Terrace House

Project/ The land is situated at the top of a hill to the north of the town; its particular shape is defined by a farm road leading to an olive grove. In the project, the house and the adjacent farmhouse were for use by the same family unit.


The open areas between the two buildings were completely remodelled by means of terracing, which includes gardens, a swimming pool and a new house. The aim was to ensure that the new construction would blend with the complex topography.


The floor with the living areas enters the land like an artificial grotto; the upper floors are oriented away from the hillside and face the wide-open spaces of the valley. Internal and external stairways connect the areas set into the hillside, a series of terraced gardens and a bridge lead to the roof with views of the landscape.


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YEAR 1997
PLACE Rignano sull'Arno, Florence
CLIENT Private
Project phase Definitive project
Project USE Residential
Altitude + 110 ml
Lot area 800 mq
Building area 307 mq
Building volume 921 mc
Vertical structures Reinforced concrete
horizontal structures Steel, brick
coating Stone, wood
floors Stone, wood
fastenings Metal
collaboratorS Alessio Lotti, Giuliana Rebecchi

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