AAMM is an architectural design studio working on various levels: urban design, public and private buildings, the reuse of historical materials and the adaptation of interiors. Every project is based on an understanding of the location and the interpretation of the client’s requirements.


We see architecture as being part of the landscape and, with this in mind, before it carries out any new work it pays particular attention to analysing the history and materials that characterize a location. The architectural project integrates all the indications provided by a specific context and climate and proposes a psycho-physical relationship that will improve the quality of life to the fullest extent.


We integrate architectural design with low impact in terms of energy by researching materials and innovative technologies. It is also continually updated by participating in seminars and specialist courses dedicated to the profession.


We also handle all the aspects of safety and wellbeing as it is qualified to carry out coordination and has specific expertise in the use of ecological materials. The studio oversees building site work and accounting in addition to coordinating the work of plant engineers and builders.

Michele Mangiavacca Architect, graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, Florence University, under Professors Alessandro Anselmi and Fabrizio Rossi Prodi. During his studies he met and attended Giovanni Michelucci e Leonardo Ricci,  then collaborated on several projects with Paolo Portoghesi.


Alessandra Mezzetti Graphic designer, graduated from the ISIA in Florence, is responsible for institutional communication and corporate identity. She has developed projects for artists, cultural associations and companies operating  in the sectors of sailing, engineering, paper production.

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