Residential Complex

Project/ The complex is situated on a hillside overlooking the Florentine plain to the south. The project combined natural and artificial elements in the same compositional order.


The building lots were situated on land shaped like a natural amphitheatre and divided into a series of parallel terraces supported by stone walls. The entrances for vehicles were situated below, whereas the main pedestrian entrance was created above by cutting through the covering garden.


The individual buildings are part underground and part facing the valley. Although they all guarantee the same comfort, the layout of  the residences could be arranged in accordance with the requirements of each family unit.

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YEAR 1998
PLACE San Donato in Collina, Florence
CLIENT Private
Project phase Preliminary project
Project USE

Residential, swimming pool, garden, parking

Altitude + 410 ml
Lot area 18.000 mq
Building area 2.700 mq
Building volume 8.000 mc
Vertical structures Reinforced concrete
horizontal structures Reinforced concrete
coating Wood, stone, corten
floors Wood, stone
fastenings Wood, metal
collaboratorS Pasquale Mastrullo

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