House in the Hills

Project/ Situated near the town, the land is on a steeply-sloping hillside and is accessed along a ridge road. The living areas are below street level; the garage is the only part above the ground and includes a pergola beyond which there is a garden.


The garden leads down to the living areas, each of which faces a patio which enlarges the internal area and allows light to enter from above.


The day and night areas are separated by a downward sloping ramp system. The night areas are separate and well-distanced, whereas the daytime areas for specific uses are separated by glass walls. The living-room is completely transparent and looks out onto the valley.


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YEAR 2000
PLACE Salsomaggiore Terme, Parma
CLIENT Private
Project phase Definitive Project
Project USE Residenzial
Altitude + 175 ml
Lot area 2.500 mq
Building area 250 mq
Building volume 980 mc
Vertical structures Reinforced concrete, steel
horizontal structures Steel
coating Brick
floors Brick, wood
fastenings Metal
collaboratorS Alessio Lotti, Giuliana Rebecchi

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