Front of the Metropolitan Park

Project/ The aim of the project was to create a relationship between the hills,  the boundaries of the built-up area of  Sesto Fiorentino, and the large open area of the Metropolitan Park. We investigated the possible  interaction between natural and artificial elements by treating the soil as an architectural object to be modelled in the same way as the surrounding buildings.


The countryside created the relationship between new and old and a cycle/pedestrian path four metres above the ground crossed over the existing infrastructures.


The front of the park, which is 710 metres long, corresponding to one side of the Roman urban plan, includes artificial hills and large multifunctional buildings raised off the ground. The hills were excavated to create underground areas, whereas the buildings on pilotis have terraces suspended above the metropolitan area and also provide large areas of shade.


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YEAR 2006
PLACE Sesto Fiorentino, Florence
Project phase Research project
Project USE Residential, commercial, office, manufacturing
Altitude + 40 ml
Lot area 353.375 mq
Green area 226.207 mq
Building area 61.858 mq
Building volume 405.020 mc
collaboratorS Angelo Costa, Giuseppe Russo

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