House in an Olive Grove

Project/ The natural slope of the land was shaped with a terraced garden, which established the level between the villa’s underground and aboveground areas. The basement has a garage, services, a gym and a swimming pool, with natural lighting coming from above.


A ramp leads to the living area on the same level as the terraced garden and has glass walls on two sides.  Fluidity between the internal and external areas  is created by a pointed vertical structure, with  areas for specific use separated by glass walls and sliding panels.


A wooden, horizontally-pivoted structure regulates the natural light coming into the rooms and the patios off  the bedrooms. An internal staircase leads to a large terrace-solarium on the roof.

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YEAR 2002
PLACE San Donato in Collina, Florence
CLIENT Private
Project phase Definitive project
Project USE Residential
Altitude + 410 ml
Lot area 800 mq
Building area 320 mq
Building volume 980 mc
Vertical structures Steel
horizontal structures Steel
coating Stone, wood
floors Stone, wood
fastenings Metal
collaboratorS Marco Barone, Angelo Costa, Gaetano Fornaretti


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