House in the Apennines

Project/ The land is situated at the top of a south-facing hill overlooking the Apennine valley. The  building has four floors: a garage, night-time areas and the study are situated above;  the living-room is between the kitchen and the dining-room and is located below. On the south side, the living areas lead to a swimming pool surrounded by two pergolas.


The layout and distribution is clearly defined by the metal framework of the building’s support structure. The only element that interrupts the symmetry of the structure is a cylindrical tower housing the stairwell. This leads to the library and a glassed-in belvedere with a panoramic view of the Apennines. The terraced garden is screened by horizontally-pivoted metal sheets which shade the sun or allow the evening breeze to filter through.


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YEAR 1995
PLACE Langhirano, Parma
CLIENT Private
Project phase Definitive project
Project USE Residential
Altitude + 440 ml
Lot area 4.000 mq
Building area 287 mq
Building volume 861 mc
Vertical structures Steel
horizontal structures Steel
coating Brick, Corten Steel
floors Brick, Wood
fastenings Metal
collaboratorS Giuliana Rebecchi

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