House in the Po Valley

Project/ The lot is situated in a district which marks the boundary between the town to the south and the countryside. The area is fenced on the public sides and open on the side facing the fields.


The rooms are situated in three parallel areas slightly below the road. The main room of the house is defined by a system of perpendicular panels which act as supports and dividers. At the sides of the house one totally enclosed parallelepipedon houses the garage and one in glass is used as a hothouse.


The glass wall covering the entire length of the living area faces the garden. The bedrooms on the first floor open onto a large terrace overlooking the surrounding valley.


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YEAR 1994
PLACE Busseto, Parma
CLIENT Private
Project phase Definitive project
Project USE Residential
Altitude + 33 ml
Lot area 540 mq
Building area 244 mq
Building volume 780 mc
Vertical structures Renforced concrete
horizontal structures Renforced concrete
coating Brick, wood
floors Brick, wood
fastenings Metal, wood
collaboratorS Marco Barone, Angelo Costa

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