University building at Piazza Brunelleschi

Project/ The layout of the Square is defined by the meeting of two roads: the first runs parallel to Via degli Alfani and affects the orientation of the University cloisters; the second follows the slope to the S. Maria Nuova hospital.


Covering an underground car park, the new square is bordered by a stone wall and is designed to be a secluded area inside the city.  Standing at right-angles, the university building is in the same area as the Square and the Silvani Cloister.


The ground floor has a large glassed-in loggia which houses the reception area and a cafeteria; the archives, conference room and offices are situated on one side internally and they are separated by courtyards and patios. The new entrance to the library, a small outdoor amphitheatre and a plane of water covering the underground exhibition room, are situated on the public side.

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YEAR 1999
PLACE Florence
CLIENT Florence University
Project phase Competition - honourable mention
Project USE Library, exposition, office, open theatre, meeting room, square, garden, parking
Altitude + 55 ml
Lot area 9.626 mq
Building area 5.773 mq
Building volume 25.980 mc
Vertical structures Reinforced concrete, steel
horizontal structures Reinforced concrete, steel
coating Wood, stone
floors Wood, stone
fastenings Wood, metal
collaboratorS Giuseppe Russo

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